Detroit Bike and trail projects

In March, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, Todd Scott, authored an article on DetriotUnspun.
Scott summarizes five Detroit bike and trail projects, of 2015, in development.
In his article he states it is not easy picking only five…and that speak well of all that is happening to make Detroit a better place for biking and trails.
Listed below are the five projects touched on, in no particular order, with external links offering additional information on the projects not included in Scott’s article.

Link Detroit

The non-motorized plan is expected to be complete, summer 2015.
It includes the extension of Dequindre Cut from Gratiot to Mack Avenue by additional trail, added bike lanes, replacement of bridges, etc.
For further information on this project visit modelmedia’s article on the five-phase strategy.

Inner Circle Greenway 

A 26-mile non-motorized path encompassing Detroit.
According to Detroit Greenways Coalition, around half of the Greenway will be completed by Summer 2015.
Visit the Coalitions site for more information on Inner Circle Greenway. 

Conner Creek Greenway

This trail crosses Eight Mile and is park of the Showcase Trail of Belle Isle and Wisconsin.
The plan is to extend it about 9.5 miles.
This PDF articulates the entire vision for Conner Creek.

East Jefferson Bike Lanes 

Bike lanes will be added from Alter Rd. to Lakewood.
Scott states these will be the first separated [protected] bike lanes in Southeast Mich.
Visit streetsblog for more information on Detroit’s first protected bike lane project.

Cass Avenue Bike Lanes and Midtown Loop 

Addition of bike lanes from W. Grand Boulevard to Lafayette.
The idea is to make this area a more biker-friendly zone.
Along with added bike lanes– public bike repair stations and pumps will be added, as well.
Here is a PDF of the projects aspirations.

On DetriotUnspun, Scott claims biking and outdoor activities are only going to get more exciting in Detroit.
Let’s hope these renovations encourage fitness and exploration of urban and rural trails!


Earth Day Fest in Downtown Rochester

photo 1 (1)

MI Green Team is a group of people who are dedicated to promoting Earth Day. According to their website, Earth Day Fest, a celebration for our planet earth, has been held in Rochester, Mich. since 2006
The Green Team states that the event applauds efforts made by local businesses and community organizations to Make Every Day Earth Day. 
There is no admission to the event and actives include; exhibits offering green and wellness products, displays of renewable energy systems, wellness programs and services including free yoga, health screens, etc., parade, trail hike, and much more.
Earth Day Fest is held April 24th- 26th, at Rochester Municipal Park, off of the Paint Creek Trail.

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For further information and event hours view Oakland County Moms article, here.
Celebrate Earth Day by enjoying the event’s featured trail hike, Sunday at 10:00 a.m.!

Locally-Raised Adventurists

For some, as the snow melts eagerness to venture, beyond the known, sets in.
Adventures begin to form and locals find places to explore where they aren’t so local anymore.
A handful of Oakland County residents share their past summer experiences in this, locally-inspired, photo gallery.
“We’re nature ourselves,” Olivia Bessey, a frequent explorer, said. “You’d be amazed at how connected you can feel in a place you’ve never been.”
Enjoy photos these Oakland residents have shared and always act on inspiration!

Whether one decides to expand their horizons to a  foreign country or within their native borders, the world has much to offer. Mich. itself has vast and breathtaking landscapes. This summer, may all seeking to breach their unknowns do so with passion and curiosity. As always, get out there and explore!


According to, Oakland County Moms is teaming up with Oakland County’s Parks and Recreation Department to comprise a calendar of park events taking place in Oakland County.
Follow the link to see upcoming events for April 2015 such as; An Evening of Amphibians. The event takes place on April 17 from 7:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m., at Independence Oaks County Park.

 A naturalist will be present to help participants learn to identify frogs by their various calls, aid in arts and craft inspired activities and hike outdoors in an attempt to listen for the calls of amphibians.
The event is suitable for adults and children, includes a fee of $4 per person.
It is a developing site, be sure to be on the lookout for updates by following the link featured above or by signing up for a free newsletter here.
Also available: a full calendar of 2015 events is listed on Destination Oakland’s website, here.

Shared Adventures: A Collaborative Photo Album

Trail-junkies seem to always be looking forward to the next trek– planning for their next endeavor. It’s hard to stay in one place, or travel one road.
However, overlooking past explorations is difficult.
With each journey one learns– bits and pieces of knowledge are accumulated from every voyage.
It can be somewhat easy to reminisce on this knowledge– these feelings and sights, but hard to fully visualize and relive moments spent in mother nature’s selfless womb.
Advancements in technology have helped to bridge this gap.
Photos and video of breathtaking sights flood everyday news feeds.
Of course it’s not the same as being there– in that moment, but they may inspire one to expand their horizons– to explore.

I’m asking for viewers to submit photos(or links to a photo) that may help to inspire others.
The photograph must be nature/trail-inspired, original (taken by you) and, preferably, one that is tied with a deep personal connection or memory.
The photo may be accompanied with text or short narrative expressing why it is of importance to you.
The photos/stories will be complied to created a locally-authored album.

Here’s one of my favorites.
This photo is of my brother at Largo Springs Interpretive Site in Oscoda,Mich.
We spent a week primitive camping in Huron-Manistee Nation Forest. It was our last trip together before he moved out of state. This site was one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever experienced.


Celebrating 100 Years

The National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its 100th birthday on Aug. 25, 2016. According to the Huffington Post, Bill Nye was appointed the centennial ambassador for NPS in hopes that he will inspire and encourage others to celebrate our nation’s parks.
“They’re precious, they’re priceless and they need to be preserved,” Nye told The Post in an article published last March.
Along with hoping to encourage the exploration of our nation’s parks via a centennial ambassador, NPS also recently announced the Find Your Park Campaign. On their website, NPS states it is a way for American citizens to make new discoveries, connect with their history and culture, etc.
The campaign features a website which allows visitors to find parks near them and share their experiences.
Follow the find your park link to the campaign’s website to see if there are centennial events, which will be celebrated throughout the year,happening near you.