Detroit Bike and trail projects

In March, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, Todd Scott, authored an article on DetriotUnspun.
Scott summarizes five Detroit bike and trail projects, of 2015, in development.
In his article he states it is not easy picking only five…and that speak well of all that is happening to make Detroit a better place for biking and trails.
Listed below are the five projects touched on, in no particular order, with external links offering additional information on the projects not included in Scott’s article.

Link Detroit

The non-motorized plan is expected to be complete, summer 2015.
It includes the extension of Dequindre Cut from Gratiot to Mack Avenue by additional trail, added bike lanes, replacement of bridges, etc.
For further information on this project visit modelmedia’s article on the five-phase strategy.

Inner Circle Greenway 

A 26-mile non-motorized path encompassing Detroit.
According to Detroit Greenways Coalition, around half of the Greenway will be completed by Summer 2015.
Visit the Coalitions site for more information on Inner Circle Greenway. 

Conner Creek Greenway

This trail crosses Eight Mile and is park of the Showcase Trail of Belle Isle and Wisconsin.
The plan is to extend it about 9.5 miles.
This PDF articulates the entire vision for Conner Creek.

East Jefferson Bike Lanes 

Bike lanes will be added from Alter Rd. to Lakewood.
Scott states these will be the first separated [protected] bike lanes in Southeast Mich.
Visit streetsblog for more information on Detroit’s first protected bike lane project.

Cass Avenue Bike Lanes and Midtown Loop 

Addition of bike lanes from W. Grand Boulevard to Lafayette.
The idea is to make this area a more biker-friendly zone.
Along with added bike lanes– public bike repair stations and pumps will be added, as well.
Here is a PDF of the projects aspirations.

On DetriotUnspun, Scott claims biking and outdoor activities are only going to get more exciting in Detroit.
Let’s hope these renovations encourage fitness and exploration of urban and rural trails!


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